Friday, November 21, 2014

Five On Friday: A (P)inspired Thanksgiving Tablescape

This year, we are hosting Thanksgiving at our house for John's side of the family. So naturally, I did what you would expect....I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. After lots of browsing and pinning to my Thanksgiving board, here are the images that are inspiring our Thanksgiving tablescape.

1. Neutral Linen Tablecloth


2. Wooden Box Centerpiece


3. Mixed Blue and White China


4. Monogrammed Cloth Napkins


5. String of Blessings


I can't wait to see how this all comes together (and of course spend time with family)!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pregnancy Journal: Week 20

How Far Along? 20 weeks, halfway to being a mommy of TWO!

Gender: Don't know! We will find out the gender on his/her Birth Day. 

Weight Gain: Up seven pounds according to the doctor's scale. I'm pretty sure I was about half of that at this point with Emery. The pounds with this baby look different and come on quicker being the second time around. My doctor in Tulsa would have freaked out about my weight being up 7 pounds (she is known for being very strict on weight) and probably would have asked if I ate ice cream and drank whole milk all day. My doctor in Atlanta thinks it's normal....

Maternity Clothes: Mostly still non-maternity clothes, but my skinny jeans are starting to get a LITTLE uncomfortable by the end of the day and I'm REALLY enjoying my Belly Bandit maternity leggings.

Nursery: Currently, it is still a second guest bedroom and will remain that way for awhile. We have some decisions to make as to whether a new crib needs to be purchased/borrowed or move Emery to a toddler bed with rails. We are leaning towards the toddler bed, but she just seems so little for a big girl bed. Tear... 

Movement: Yes and lots of it. I have had a few times that I didn't notice the baby was kicking (because I have a toddler to chase and keep me occupied) until I felt a little twinge of pain. This baby kicks hard already. 

Symptoms: Besides this growing belly, I don't have many other symptoms. Second trimester is where it is at when pregnant - exhaustion (for the most part) has passed, energy returns and morning sickness is a thing of the past except for the occasional return every couple of weeks. 

Sleep: Ugh, the truth is that as soon as I become pregnant, sleep goes out the window. I become an extra early riser - think 4am vs 7am, my back aches throughout the night and I just can't seem to get comfortable. I have a pregnancy maternity pillow that does help. 

Cravings: None really to speak of. I eat of lot of fruit, but that isn't different from my non-pregnant food habits.

What I Miss: Sushi and a cold deli sandwich, specifically turkey (same as last time) Ha, so predictable. 

Best Moment This Week: Seeing our healthy baby on the monitor during the ultrasound. There is nothing better than seeing the baby and imagining all the joy that they will bring to your life. The ultrasounds send reality into high gear. 

During our previous ultrasounds, we had commented that this baby's facial features were different from Emery's and this still seems to be true.   

Looking Forward To: Deciding on a name. However, I know that we probably won't fully commit to a name until the hospital and his/her Birth Day. I have a running list of both boy (4) and girl (20) names  but John hates 99.9% of them. 

As of now (and it will probably stay that way), our boy name will be the same as it would have been if Emery had been a boy. We just love the name. It is part family name. 

As for girl names, this is the hard one as you can tell by my running list of 20 names. Right now, we are leaning towards our other top girl name when we had Emery. We debated her name until it was time to sign the certificate so we could leave the hospital. It also includes a family name for the middle and the nickname of the first is also a family name. 

Whew, why are names so hard?????

Monday, November 10, 2014

A Reason to be Thankful: Family of FOUR

BIG NEWS: We are becoming a family of four in March!

We feel so incredibly excited and blessed to be adding another baby to our family. Emery Kate and Baby K #2 will be 20 months apart and we look forward to this next chapter for our little family. 

I will share more details in the coming days and weeks about our journey with Baby K #2.