Saturday, December 20, 2014

Emery Kate: 18 Months

18 MONTHS...where does the time go? I feel like I have blinked (which I need to stop doing) and you are now a toddler and every day a little less of my bitty baby. I love to see you grow, change and learn something new daily. Before you, I would hear parents say that they learn something new everyday and I thought to myself, yeah right.  But, it is true - whether it is a new word, comprehension of what I am saying to you, learning to follow a new direction or trying a new skill. It really is incredible to watch you grow.

You are a petite little thing weighing in at all of 20-21 pounds. The doctor told me at your 18 months check-up that you could now face forward in the carseat (which we won't be doing until 2 since you are still content riding rear-facing.

You are a happy, sweet and loving little girl. You still love to rub your hands through my hair when we actually get to relax - mostly right before bed while we are reading our nightly 3-4 books of your choosing - or when I am carrying you. Your hugs are the best. You really squeeze with everything that you have in you. You also say, "I love you." When you first started using those three little words, I'm pretty sure that I melted. BEST WORDS EVER!

You haven't met a stranger and talk to everyone when we run errands which always makes them take longer than planned. You are a total "cheeser" and will oblige me and let me take your picture on most days if I can get you to be still. You will only give me about a 3 second opportunity so I have one chance.

You are constantly on the go...motion, motion, motion is all that I can say. You love to run (and I love to see you run) with hands out behind you and face pushed forward to help you get that extra speed. Your newest skill taught to you by papa (or as you have recently changed his name out of nowhere...Pop) is jumping. You will say jump and then jump for your little audience. I have to say that you are getting quite good at it and feet are starting to come fully off the ground. Maybe we have a little athlete on our hands?

You have recently been using furniture to hid behind and our coffee, console, dining and serving tables to crawl through like a jungle gym. This was taught to you by our friends 3 year old boy. He also taught you chase which was so cute. He would chase you from one end of the house to the other and then you would chase him. I mean, seriously, it was adorable!

You are also a huge talker with a large vocabulary which I attribute to your extreme love of books (and our constant conversations). You are excellent at communicating your needs and telling us exactly what you what. You can now speak in 4-5 words sentences and love to ask questions - Where did ______ (Nana and Pop, Gammie, baby and cup are just some examples of words you fill in here) go? For this specific question, you usually answer it yourself with a response like "She went home."

You are also in the process of learning your numbers (mainly focusing on 1-5) and holding up the corresponding number of fingers. You try to count everything. Right now, you love to either say 1, 2...4 or 1, 2...5. The number 3 doesn't even exist to you. You won't even repeat it. I have even tried by having you repeat tree (which you can say), then I will immediately say three and wait for it.....NOTHING.

I believe that you are ready to be potty-trained because you have begun to come tell us when you have gone to the bathroom in your diaper. or tell us as soon as we walk into your room in the morning. You are also noticing the toilet and I have even sat you on it a few times and have acted like you were actually trying to go. So after the holidays, I think we will give it a go even though I was originally going to wait until 22 months.

You also love to sing. If we ask you to sing for us, you will hum your own song or you will sing a nursery rhyme (though it is pieces of it). You also love to do "This Little Piggy" to mommy and daddy's toes with your favorite part to say being "wee, wee, wee all the way home." This was easy for you pick up since this is how I have been washing your toes since before you could speak. The other day, you started shouting "Let it go, let it go" from Frozen over and over. You have only seen parts of the movie once but we do listen to Disney music channel on Pandora. However, I'm pretty sure your cousin, Margaret (5 years old), taught you this one.

You are strong-willed (and I have no idea where you got that from - okay, I do). It was inevitably that you would be strong-willed with your nana (my mom), daddy and myself adding to your genes pool. Your will rivals and could win against most adults and honestly, I love this about you even though it can be challenging at times. It is a trait that will serve you well over your life.

The favorites list:
Favorite Foods - Italian food, Chicken, Pancakes, All Fruit, Cheese, Pickles and Cookies (which you have been getting every once in awhile because of the holidays)

Favorite Toys - All babies, books and your drum

Favorite Books - Where the Wild Things Are, Olivia, Goodnight Moon (I think because she can actually help tell the story for this one because she has heard it so many times), all books in the Madeline series, animal books (the ones where it has animals grouped by page and they point and say their names/sounds for the animal)

Favorite Things: Chapstick, Balloons, Coloring/Crayons, Wubbanub, Shoes and Socks.

Favorite Person - Daddy. You are a total daddy's girl. You are attached to him constantly and cry when he leaves - whether it is the room and he didn't take you with him or the house. You have him wrapped around your little finger.


The thing that I have missed most while taking a break from blogging is having the monthly updates on my sweet baby girl so that I can look back on her milestones. Updates on her and baby #2 will be a top blog priority going forward. I write them for me!