Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday

{ ONE }

I came across twotara while browsing around in search for the perfect baby gift for a pregnant friend. They make reversible baby clothes. You may be wondering, "What is so special about that?" Well their version of reversible is blue on one side and pink on the other. This is perfect for those who choose not to find out the gender, but also don't want to dress their child in only yellow and green. It would also be good for those who may have another child so it can be used twice no matter the gender.

Bottom Line: I wish that I had known about them when I was pregnant since we didn't find out whether E was a boy or girl until birth. I purchased two separate outfits and washed them both in preparation. twotara, you are genius.

*The above images are from the twotara website.

** I was NOT compensated to mention twotara or given product. I just thought it was too good of a company not to share with my readers. However, twotara if you are listening, a future Baby K may need some gear! **

{ TWO } 

Buying a house is a pain! Whoa at the paperwork and all of the things that everyone involved needs from you. It is constantly something. You would think everyone involved would have a checklist of everything they need or will need from you instead of one day they need this and the next day that. People who buy one house and live in it their whole life have the right idea. Okay, end of soapbox....

The plus side: We close on it at the end of March pending everything continues to go smoothly! 


I have added a new page "Atlanta: 14 in 2014". Be sure to check it out. It is a list of all the things that we would like to do and places that we would like to visit as we make Atlanta home. There will be posts about them as we check them off the list. I foresee lots of posts related to the house and decorating - a favorite topic of mine!

Next up: Update my other pages and add an About Me page. 

{ FOUR }

Have you ever received something in the mail that you were so excited about that you squealed as you opened it? Well, that happened to me yesterday. I received Emery's Easter basket and I am in love with it. There will be more to come on it in early March, but in the meantime check out Vinyl-E Yours on Etsy.

{ FIVE }

And lastly, I am hosting my first giveaway on Monday and you won't want to miss it. Just a little hint....think a gift card for shopping! Be sure to stop by to enter. 

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