Friday, September 11, 2015

Five On Friday: Let's catch up!!!

A FIVE month hiatus from blogging...has it been long enough? I think so. I'm so excited to be back on here and ready to fill you all in on the happenings at our there have been many!

1. Our newest addition

First, let's talk about our newest addition, a baby girl, Miss Olivia Brooke! Life is so good with her in our family and I can't believe how lucky I am to be her mother. I mean, seriously, what a blessing!

There will be WAY more on this precious girl next week!

2. Nursery

Since we didn't find out the gender of baby #2 (Olivia), we went with a very gender neutral palette of gray, white and cream. I happen to love gender neutral nurseries and probably would have gone that route even if we had found out. I just love how neutral colors can make a room look so sweet....does that even make sense? Since Olivia's birth, I have added in a few girly touches. Here's a sneak peek:

Next week, I will have a full nursery reveal plus a $100 giveaway from RugsUSA! Be sure to come back to enter.

3. School Days

Emery started school on Tuesday and she couldn't have been more excited. During school visits, orientation, the welcome tea and her first day, she ran right into the classroom and was happy as could be. She only cried when I picked her up to leave for the day. I had to reassure her that she would be back.

Yesterday, there were a few tears shed on her end when I left. She cried mommy, mommy, mommy and tried to run out of the classroom twice. It broke my mommy heart. I know that she was fine by the time that I got to my car, but I couldn't help but feel a little sad.

Next week, I am going to make sure she has enough time in the morning for some mommy snuggles and a little playtime with Olivia.

4. South Carolina Football

I am a summer girl. I love everything about it. I even love those 95 to 100 degree days (if you can believe that - though a pool or beach is nice for those) and will miss the lazy days of summer. However, I do love some South Carolina Gamecock football. And, we started off with a win against the University of North Carolina. Let's hope the w's keep coming as we play Kentucky tomorrow.

5. Never Forget 

And lastly, this day couldn't go by without remembering those who lost their lives on 9/11 and the bravery of the first responders. On 9/11, I was a freshman in college (and an early bird by nature) but on this particular day, I overslept (which I have always thought was strange). I turned on the tv right as the events of the day were starting to unfold. It is a day that i will never forget.

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