Thursday, February 12, 2015

Emery Kate: 20 Months

Dear Emery Kate,

You are now 20 months and such a big girl. You are looking less and less like a baby and more and more like a little girl by the day.

Your vocabulary continues to grow and your use of sentences is really quite mind blowing. You are an excellent communicator and tell us exactly what you want, ask us questions and have even started asking why once I reply with an answer to your question. You will repeat EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that is said so spelling has become a necessity. You love to add the word "too" at the end of your sentences.
- Daddy is hungry too.
- Mommy is tired too.
- Baby needs a nap too.
Your newest thing is to answer "Yes, ma'am" when you are asked a question. This is your response whether the question comes from a man or woman. I guess I better teach you yes, sir.

You are definitely a fan of doing things your own way and have little meltdowns if you aren't allowed or its the wrong thing for you to be doing. Chapstick causes the biggest meltdowns in our house. You want to be able to hold it and apply it nonstop.

You are friendly. Whenever we go to a restaurant, you make friends with all the adults and children and could be hired as the greeter who welcomes everyone and then tells them bye. You must stop by all the tables to say bye when leaving.

You have also recently become very interested in your letter puzzle and wanting to learn each letter. You hold up the letter and want me to tell you what it is and then you repeat it. So far, I is your favorite letter. If you don't know what it is, then you will say I. You are also starting to learn colors and shapes.

You have basically potty-trained yourself and for that I am thankful. So far, there hasn't been any stress to go along with this process. You will always go on the potty when you tell us you have to go or are prompted. We still need to do the official 3-day potty training bootcamp so that we can make the switch over to panties permanent.

You love to give out hugs and it is so sweet. You will squeeze our legs as tight as you possible can if we are standing up. You also think that a kiss always follows a hug. You will say, "a hug" and then immediately follow it up with "and a kiss".

You have quite the sweet tooth and it was seriously enhanced with Christmas. You now know the difference between cake, pie, chocolate, ice cream and candy. You are like your daddy in more ways than one.

You love to play outside and get dirty. Rocks, sticks, leaves, anything you can "hunt" outside makes you happy. If its a nice day (and even when its not), you want to be outside. You are not a fan of bows at this point and I have pretty much given up on putting them in your hair. However, you like my headbands and will wear those. It may be time to get you some of your own. You are still a huge fan of babies (babydolls) and will rock them, put them to sleep, snuggle them, push them in the stroller and carry them in their carseat. I know you will be an amazing big sister.

The favorites list:
Favorite Foods - Broccoli (I count this as a huge win), fish, seaweed salad, all breakfast foods

Favorite Toys - All babies, books, ABC puzzle and tinkerbell motorized car
Favorite Books - Poky Little Puppy's First Christmas, Edwina, The Dinosaur That Didn't Know She Was Extinct and Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?
Favorite Things: Chapstick and Balloons
Favorite Person - While I would say that daddy may be her favorite, she has been quite attached to me recently.

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