Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pregnancy Journal: Week 33

How Far Along? 33 weeks!

Gender: Don't know! We will find out the gender on his/her Birth Day. 

Weight Gain: I think around 26 pounds (whoa, I know AND I can't believe that I am sharing), but will know for sure next week. If this is true, then I will blow through the weight gain that I had with Emery. 

Maternity Clothes: For pants, maternity all the way and tops are a mix of maternity and regular tops. 

Nursery: We still have a lot to do. The walls have been painted gray and we are borrowing a crib from John's cousin for a few months until we decide it is time for Emery to be in a toddler bed. The crib that we (or my parents) purchased for Emery from Pottery Barn is convertible, but we will let Baby #2 use that portion of it and move Emery straight to a twin bed with rails. 

Movement: Yes, still lots of movement happening. At this point, you can actually feel the position that the baby is in and whether it is a hand, foot, etc that you are feeling move. 

Symptoms: Growing belly, midnight calf cramps (the worst), achy knees and back from carrying baby weight and a toddler around and up/down the stairs about 15 times a day. I still have a lot of energy and I am hoping that lasts at least 5 more weeks!

Sleep: There isn't much sleep happening to speak of. I have a really hard time getting comfortable even with the pregnancy pillow and sleeping on my left side is getting old! 

Cravings: No real cravings, except that I can always eat fruit. 

What I Miss: Same as always....cold deli sandwich, sushi and sleeping in any position. 

Best Moment This Week: My "Ready To Pop" baby shower was definitely the best moment of the week. I was so happy to share in the excitement of welcoming #2 with family and friends. There will be a whole post dedicated to this shower!

Looking Forward To: Finishing up the nursery. Once we have the crib setup this weekend, I can work on the layout off all the other furniture pieces (glider, changing table, bookshelf, side table and rug) that need to be in there. 

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