Tuesday, December 24, 2013

All Things Merry and Bright (December Recap + Tons of Pictures)

Merry Christmas Eve. Today, we are celebrating Christmas with my family and tomorrow we will celebrate with John's family. I wish you all a beautiful holiday with family and friends.

Before I take a break to enjoy my loved ones, I wanted to get one more post in so please excuse this  hodge podge and long picture post.
Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we had pictures taken for our Christmas card by one of my brother in-laws friends, Christin of Christin Roberts Photography. This was the first time that we have had family pictures taken since having Emery (and before). My husband hates taking pictures, but was a good sport this day. And, he is becoming quite photogenic thanks to all the pictures that I insist on taking.
Photos with a baby definitely add a new dimension to things....we needed an additional person trying to get her to smile. Oh well, lesson learned.
Here is our Christmas card with two of the pictures that were taken that day. I found the card first and then chose pictures that I thought would work. Is that a backwards way of doing things?
Also, sorry for all those who didn't get a card this year. I major underestimated the number that I needed. Next year, I will x2 the number that I think I need.
Merry Christmas from the K Family!

Last Friday, we visited my sister at her school on our way to Charlotte and out came Elf P skipping from across the parking lot. I couldn't stop laughing and Emery loved it. I didn't even need to make her smile. This is what I automatically got. You know her kids love her....

Full outfit....No makeup...woof (Home Alone reference for ya)!
During the day on Saturday, we finished up some shopping and ran into this Santa while out. Emery wasn't scared at all, but was overly interested in the beard. She pulled it off twice. Sorry kids, I know that may have been traumatizing to see Santa with a beard on top of the fact that it was a lady.
On Saturday night, we headed to our friend Jason's house for a his 6th Annual Christmas party. It is a dress however you want party. Think Santacon or Ugly Sweater parties. This is the only picture from the night that I can post. However, the costume winner would have to be the host and hostess of the party who dressed as the lamp and Ralphie in the pink bunny costume from A Christmas Story.
I have already talked about jammies on babies being one of my favorite things. So this year, I bought 3 Christmas pairs (Reindeer - Mudpie, Candy Cane Stripes - Baby Gap, Snowflakes - Target)  for Emery. She is all decked out and ready for Santa. Here is Emery in her Christmas jammies.



I am linking up with these ladies for the holly jolly pajamas party.
And lastly, a little Christmas jammies treat. This just makes me smile. Look out for our 2014 Christmas card on YouTube! I can't help but to sing "in our (or her) Christmas jammies" as I get Emery ready for bed at night.

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