Monday, December 23, 2013

Goodbye Tulsa

So, I have been totally MIA and have missed weeks of blogging. Boo. Moving is some serious stuff people, especially during the holidays.  

After weeks of going away dinners, lunches and parties, we have officially said our goodbyes to Tulsa, Oklahoma and are now "homeless" in the Carolinas. We have been splitting our time between North Carolina (where John is from) and South Carolina (where I am from). On our flight to the east coast, we both commented on how it was weird that we didn't have a return flight. It's not often that you take a one-way flight.

We move into our temporary housing (4 months) in Atlanta on Thursday so we can begin the house hunting process. Yes, the day after Christmas. Poor planning from the hubs.

Below are the only two pictures that I snapped from move out day - 1. Emery's last picture in her first nursery and 2. Our empty living room.

While we were sad to leave all of our friends, we look forward to our life in Atlanta and can't wait to get settled in.

Tomorrow, I will actually acknowledge Christmas (even though it is 70 degrees here - not complaining) and share Emery's Christmas jammies and our Christmas card.



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